Season Passes

Reload your previous year season pass and go DIRECT-TO-LIFT! Choose RELOAD, input the WTP# shown on your pass and you’re set.

Lost your pass or want a new photo? Choose REPLACEMENT, provide your old WTP# and we’ll give you the choice of uploading your favorite self portrait ($10 fee including shipping... yep, that means you’ll go DIRECT-TO-LIFT) or save the $10 fee and stop by Guest Services on opening day and we’ll create your pass while you wait.

Need help locating your WTP #? Use the self-serve WTP Lookup Tool or email with your passholder name(s) and DOB(s) we’ll get the number(s) back to you in 48 hours or less!

Age 16 to 72

Age must be between 16 and 72 to qualify for this pass.

Age 7 to 15

Age must be between 7 and 15 to qualify for this pass.

Age 6 & Under

Age must be 6 or under to qualify for this pass.

Super Senior 73 & Over

Age must be 73 or older to qualify for this pass.